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Best For Manual Album Designers Who Loves Working in Adobe Photoshop

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Developed By
Mohit Jaipuri Design And Software Solutions Private Limited
Indore , Madhya Pradesh (India)
Mobile : +91 9755667780 / +91 6232120130

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You will get this software by online download link.
The download link of the software will be sent to whatever email ID you will give us while making payment for the software.

The download link size is around 80mb. You will have to download it yourself.

You can make payment for the software online in this website or you can GooglePay, Phonepe or PayTM on 9755667780 If you make an online payment in the website, then the download link will be automatically sent to your given email ID within 5 minutes.

If you will pay by Googlepay, Phonepe or PayTM, then you will have to send screenshot of the successful payment and your email ID on WhatsApp Number 9755667780. Then the download link will be sent to you.
No, no, this software only runs on Windows computers.
With this software you will get 1000+ PSD Templates (12 × 36), over 2000 Overlay Effects, 350+ PSD / PNG Frames, 350+ Masks, 250 + Wallpapers, 500+ Clip Art, how to install and activate the software instructions, How to use software videos etc. 

The size of the software setup is 80 MB and the content, overlays etc. are about 12 GB in size. You will have to download all this. There is no need to download everything in one day, you can also download a little bit day by day.

If you already have your own templates, frames, masks, then you don't need to download this data because you can use all album templates with any other album designing software, or any templates you buy from the market, You can easily design albums using PNG frames, clip art, masks, overlay effects, backgrounds, etc of your own with this software.
No, no Dongle comes with this software. 
This software comes with its password and you can use this software only in one computer.
Yes, there is no problem in formatting the computer, there should not be any hardware change.

 Whatever software setup and password you get, you have to keep it safe in pen drive or in any dvd. 
The same password and software setup will work even after re-formatting the computer.
This software also works in computers with dual core processors and two GB RAM but it works slow, so we recommend using a computer with at least eight GB RAM and at least I3 processor. 

Nowadays mobile also comes with four GB, eight GB RAM .. Our computer must be faster than those mobiles, right?
No, you can just use this software in one computer.

If you have two computers, you will have to buy two different software. If you have ten computers, you will have to buy ten software.

A software works in only one computer and once the software is activated, you cannot transfer it from one computer to another.
No, this software only works in one computer.

 If for any reason you change the mother board, hard disk or processor of your computer, then you will have to pay for new software.
No, the software size is just 80 mb, which anyone can download. 
You can also download from mobile and transfer it to computer with the help of data cable.
 You will download the rest of the data slowly but there is no option to send the software by pen drive or DVD.

Many times the courier is unable to reach, sometimes the pen drive and the DVD get damaged, sometimes there is no receiver when the courier is reached, so we only deliver the software through the download link. Writing to the pen drive and making DVDs ,going to courier office is very time taking.
We are not selling any cracked or pirated software.
Due to the very low price of software, many people think that there will be cracked or pirated software, whereas this is not the case.

We have made this software ourselves. We are a private limited company registered in the Government of India. You can search our company name Mohit Jaipuri Design and Software Solutions Private Limited by going to the Indian government website.

And if you wish, you can connect with the owner of the company and creator of this software through facebook by clicking on this link (Facebook Profile Link)
No, if some minor updates of the software will come then you will get it absolutely free, but if there is a big update of the software, then you will have to pay some nominal charge for it. 

You can see how much these charges are in the update section of our website.
Yes, of course… 
but it is not that you call at two o'clock in the night and ask for help from us !!!! 

It is not that there will be no help in the night, if any member of the team is awake, then you will get help at all, but contact us in our office time, we will definitely help at that time. 

Videos of how to use the software are given in the website, you can take help from them also.
Even after watching the video, if your problem is not solved, then we will help you with the help of any desk or team viewer software.

You may have to wait for help few minutes after making the call, but your problem will definitely be solved.
Our team is little small, so sometimes you need to wait a little bit.
Yes, of course it will ... 

But using pirated version software is a cyber crime, you always have to remember this.
You do not become an album designer immediately by purchasing any album software. 

You have to learn to use the software. How soon the album will be made depends on many things.
 Like how fast is your computer ... Obviously if your computer is equipped with i7 processor then it will work quickly and if dual core will slow work ... 

like if you put just two photos in an album page then quickly pages will be created and if you add ten photos to an album page, it will take more time

Like if you are an expert in Photoshop then it will take less time and if you are less expert then it will take more time ... 

like if you are making an album with a camera of ten mega pixels, then it will take less time and if you are making an album with a fifty mega pixels camera photo, then it will take more time .... 

if your photography is good, you do not have to do photo correction, then the album will be ready soon and if your photography is bad then making album by correcting every photo. It will take more time .....

You must have understood that the question of how long the album will be ready is wrong… but be sure that it would take much less time to make the album than it used to be before, if you use Foto Filler software.
No, you must have at least PhotoShop CS3 to run this software. 

Some options in PhotoShop CS3 do not work, but you can do album designing, both manual and auto. 

But if you want to use all the advanced features and options of Foto filler, then for that you should have minimum Adobe Photoshop CC2019. 

If you have the latest version of Photoshop CC2021, then this is a very good thing.
No, no matter what size and resolution you take in the Foto Filler, the output will be made accordingly. There is no reduction in quality.
The cost of the software is just Rs. 1000 / -...

Its most affordable software in market. If you will make even one album, then your money will be recovered...

FotoFiller™ works in Single computer only.

You will receive the Softwares download link automatically in your given email id after doing the payment. Along with software you will also receive download link of PSD Templates, Overlay Effects, PSD/PNG Frames, Masks, Wallpapers, Clip Art etc.

No Dongle comes with this software. Only Password Comes. After activating the software you can’t uninstall and reinstall it on any other computer.

If you format your computer than same Old Password will work. So keep the password always safe. We don’t provide password if you miss it in any reason

If your Processor, Motherboard or Hard Disk crashes or get changed due to any reason you have to buy this software again by paying the full price.

There will be no Free Updates for this software. There will be nominal charges for that.

Foto Filler Support Adobe Photoshop CS3 also but some features doesn't work properly in CS3 so we suggest to use CC2019, CC2020 Or CC2021

Please contact +919755667780 or email at iammohitjaipuri@gmail.com if you have any questions.
Buying, selling or using pirated version of any software is a very big cyber crime. Catching those who are using crack software is easier than catching those who are selling crack software.

Whenever you connect your computer to the Internet, the photo filler software will automatically send your details to the company to check whether your Foto Filler software is original or pirated version. Once the crack software is found in your studio, office or home computer in the police and company guerrilla proceedings, then you are set to face five years in jail or a fine of three lakh rupees.

Crack sellers keep changing SIM cards every month, but if you are a professional, you may have a problem. Crack seller will run away hiding somewhere like a thief, but if you are a professional just because of a small amount of money, you will lose respect in market. If you have a Gumasta license by your studio's name, you could be fined even more.

Do not wait for the call to come from the cyber crime branch. Be honest and respect yourself and work on legal software.
If you purchased your software from our website www.fotofiller.com or by sending a payment to 9755667780, then your software is original and if you have downloaded or purchased from elsewhere, you will face the problem soon, And if someone has given you the crack software by fooling you or you have downloaded it by mistake, you can buy the original license by calling 9755667780 and paying Rs.1000 / - so that there is no problem in future.

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